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The Wind of Our Souls

As I sit here listening to the howling wind outside my home, I feel the gift of change in my soul. To me the wind represents movement, and movement ultimately induces transformations. Everything in the world is constantly in flux and therefore transforming. To construct mental frameworks that resist change is a pathologically futile effort. Only engaging neurological pathways that give us a predictably comfortable emotional climax, tempting as this kind of being is, will inevitably end in a pretty large gap between us and reality. The outside world is a force just as strong as us individuals. To be okay with this is to worship the All. Managing our ability to perform, versus our need to be open to the greater powers that be, seems to be our most difficult task as a human.

If we had more faith in the All then we would subsequently feel less fear, and our need to control our emotional worlds would be less. We would be more apt to move like the wind between the active principle of doing and the passive principle of feeling, without judgement or fear. The inevitable edge of one will brush up against the other. Our actions matter, and our feelings give sustenance to our souls.

As we all evolve together, we’d be wise to study the principles of reality, or nature, and let them be a guide for our daily constitutions. I imagine a world where learning through doing becomes the norm again. Our children are not kept in concrete buildings. Our bodies are not kept isolated from the natural world that cradles and loves them. Our souls are free to play again.

“I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul

Where I'll end up, well, I think only God really knows” -Cat Stevens

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